Steve Whiting - What's He Like Eh?

Well, you might already know that I'm rather partial to a bit of Level 42. Before you turn your nose up just ask yourself whether you hear "Lessons In Love" in your head when someone mentions Level 42 or whether your hear "Starchild". What? You've never heard Starchild? OK, don't turn your nose up just yet, please give it a listen then decide :-)

Mark King - Level 42

What's he like? Much more than just Level 42, you'll be pleased to learn!

What he like? He like lots. Last FM continually monitors all the tracks Steve listens to (a funky process known as Scrobbling) at work, at home, in the car and on his iPod.

There's never likely to be a definitive list of all the music he listens to as there's always new stuff to listen to and learn from. However, here's a good starter for ten: Paul Weller, Level 42, Oasis, The Roots, Jamiroquai, The Beatles, Air, Radiohead, The Brand New Heavies, The Prodigy, Massive Attack, Kasabian, William Orbit, The Go! Team, Stereophonics... to name but a few. An exhaustive list can always be found at: Last FM

It's Not Just Level 42 You Know!

Paul Weller - Roundhouse - Sonik Kicks - March 2012

Much as I love Level 42 I don't sit listening to them all day :o) Looking at the Last FM charts it would appear that Paul Weller is rapidly catching-up Level 42 and, given the amount of stuff he's recorded, may one day overtake Level 42 as the most listened to.

Want to learn more?

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