No, Not Who He? He Who!

He who once printed for a living, once advised the printing industry on matters technical, once marketed a US dotcom. He who now builds websites and is happily married when he isn't.

Steve Whiting

He who once was a member of St Augustine's Scouts where he enjoyed being called Nelly (his 1st patrol was called Badgers - understandably he fought for a transfer to Tigers). He who, at The Meads Infants School, once had to wear a pair of tiny suede lederhausen and tour every class in the school just because he was the only boy they'd fit. He who once swum a lot and he who, at the same swimming club, once did a fair bit of highboard diving but packed that in after hitting the water a bit too hard a bit too often with the softer parts of his anatomy. He who once did a bit of kayaking but didn't have a car upon which he could transport said kayak. He who left school with 2 GCSEs and he who started work as soon as he could as an apprentice litho minder with White Crescent Press. He who now drives past the demolished factory where he was apprenticed and is glad he had the foresight to get out when he did.

He who once did a tremendous amount of roller skating and he who did an equally tremendous amount of roller hockey captaining the Cougars, a roller hockey team in Leighton Buzzard. He who had some fab times in Leighton Buzzard, did lots of silly stuff (some of which were caught on camera and will be posted online when they become sufficiently valuable as blackmail resources) and met lots of fun people whilst playing roller hockey. He who danced with a blow up doll on his 21st birthday and he who last smoked a cigarette, naked as the day he was born, handcuffed to a pole in a club on his stag night.

Music Business

He who now runs a proper grown-up web design business called Sub@omic that, in all honesty, is probably just an excuse to do a job that allows him to listen to as much music as he likes and with no-one else to tell him what to play. He who likes a bit of photography now and then and he who doesn't think he'd have cut it as a pro' like his Pa. He who is brand loyal when it comes to a Honda Civic. He who is brand loyal when it comes to computers, shrugging all things Microsoft wherever humanly possible because Apple kit is simply nicer to use. He who has an iPhone spot welded to the palm of his hand. He who founded and runs the platform for business networking he calls Network Luton. He who loves Level 42 and any music with a funky bassline, catchy hook or any track that sounds like there's somekind of gear-change going on. He who says "Print is dead. Long live print!". He who tweets as @stevewhiting

He who, above all else, loves being married to Mrs Whiting and, most of the time, feels like he's the luckiest guy in town.

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