I Love the Go Compare Advert!

OK, I'm out of the closet. I love the new Go Compare advert. Clearly not from a highbrow artistic point of view but purely from an intelligent integrated marketing perspective.

Go Compare Ad Campaign 2011

Spade-loads of creative thought

This is a killer tv ad that demostrates what's achievable with a good deal of creative thought rather than spade-loads of cash; by which I mean the confused.com ad where 18 million people sing Queen's "Somebody to Love"

Well, it proves just how deeply the previous Go Compare adverts managed to bury their way into our subsconscious; I doubt there's a license fee payer around who doesn't instantaneously hear the music and see Gio Compario in their head the moment someone mentions "Go Compare". But that's not the clever bit, what we've all endured for the past couple of years with Go Compare is simply TV advert scheduling that's on a par with military carpet bombing. No, the clever bit is how this ad builds on the carpet bombing and the fact that we were all thouroughly sick, tired and battle-weary of the Go Compare ads.

Silent Movie Genius!

This ad is shot in the style of a silent movie, we hear the music but not the now-all-too-familiar opera vocal. The result? We read the lyrics for the ditty at the foot of the screen and sing them ourselves! So not only are we proving that the ad is now deeply embedded into our subsconscious by singing it for them but we're reinforcing it in our own minds and strengthening the neurological connections by reading what's on screen!

Can you remember when the last time was that you actually read the words of an advert? I'm not talking about seeing a logo and recognising it, nor am I talking about seeing a big red circle appear on-screen accompanied by a ping and accepting that it's Tesco talking about their prices; I'm talking about proper reading - the kind you're doing now, the kind that some of you may have done with the Ovaltinies.

Compare & Contrast

Compare and contrast this approach to that of confused.com who in 2011 launched a new ad strategy involving their animated logo character CaraConfused - far from sending out a clear message this ad only serves to make confused.com look like a dating website where people go to find love. Not only that, the ghastly ad tells us that the character in their logo is female (am I the only person who always assumed this character was male?)

Best In Class

You don't have to look to far to understand why both these comparison websites had to radically change their advertising strategy, both are competing head-to-head with Aleksandr Orlov the undisputed king of comparison websites. To this day, comparethemeerkat.com remains the only advert that has ever made me go and immediately lookup a website as a result of seeing an ad on TV.

Paul Hayward avatarPaul Hayward30th November 1999
As you rightly say, we are all sick and tired of the Go Compare adverts. I think this revised campaign makes the mistake of building on them, rather than addressing their weaknesses. The old ads were intensely annoying. This campaign merely serves to remind us all of that. It was time for fresh thinking and captivating innovation. The creative dept was obviously out to lunch on the day the question came up. The new campaign does not address the problems of the old campaign, it replicates them. I would advise the company to do some serious market research and change their agency. Comparison sites depend heavily on TV advertizing - but not just any (old) advertizing.
Andy avatarAndy30th November 1999
I find it ironic that I'm unable to find and compare insurance for Meerkats. BAH!
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Kim Loveland avatarKim Loveland30th November 1999
must admit the Go Compare advert makes me want to become violent!!! but heh it is memorable, and that is what advertising is about. Question is does it matter if we remember things that are bad or good - the main thing is we remembered it. Other adverts that have had similar affects on me is 'for mash - get smash!', and the good old Meerkats -mmmmmm simples!
Alison avatarAlison30th November 1999
The only saving grace for me with this new ad is that I'm marginally less inclined to grab the remote....boy, how I hated the opera-shrieker.
Proof of the pudding for me with Go Compare is that on both occasions in the last few months when I've needed to 'compare' car and house insurance prices, I've steadfastly avoided GC purely because of the ad. Funny how things work out, eh?

A mega 'simples' fan.
Steve Whiting avatarSteve Whiting30th November 1999
Because this market is so competitive I think it's all about muscling-out the competition. The benchmark is, once again, comparethemarket.com - before the arrival of the meerkats can you remember the comparethemarket.com ads? I know I can, but that's because I'm a saddo that loves ads.

You remembered them yet? No? Then let me help you; their ad was the one with the screen split into two (half blue & half green) with cars dropping into shot to represent the different insurance quotes. Good concept but clearly not good enough to muscle-out the competition because it only ran for a year before a change to the meerkats.

They're not alone, either. Do you remember the Go Compare ad before the introduction of the Tenor? No? Then let me help you; their ad was the minature smug couple walking across a keyboard into a computer screen.

I think that what's actually going on here is that market research creates the initial ad and then, when it doesn't work, a new agency is brought in to deploy a clever/annoying carpet bombing campaign built on the tried and tested (for mash get smash) advertising methods.
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Steve Whiting avatarSteve Whiting30th November 1999
Thought you might want to see this as a handy point of comparison (no pun intended) - it's a pre-meerkat ad for comparethemarket.com


Just goes to show how far Aleksandr Orlov has come :o)
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Steve Whiting avatarSteve Whiting30th November 1999
No. No. No no no no, no! They've changed the gocompare.com ad! Arrgh! The opera singer Gio Compario is back and this time he's in space. Can I change my current status to "I don't love the gocompare.com ad anymore" please?

There's only one thing I like about it and that's they've kept the song lyrics on the screen for you to read in speech bubbles - my only consolation is that this validates what I thought was fab about the previous ad. However, I'm not at all certain that being on the button is any consolation for a regressive, crappy ad.
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Guy Keen avatarGuy Keen30th November 1999
Personally I hate them ALL!!! The compariosn site adverts just reinforce my mental note to avoid comparison sites altogether and consult a human being (i.e. a broker) with whom I can physically interact. Maybe it's just me but I hate all this type of advertising, technically good or not.

At the risk of getting (ever so slightly) off subject, you do have to wonder at the creative process sometimes at Ad agencies. Take "comparethemeerkat" for example. Did a genius at an Ad agency sit in a dark room and think "I know, wouldn't it be great if we associate our product with a cute cuddly little marsupial"? Or was it (as I personally believe much more likely) someone one day did a typo on an email (or better yet it was the spell checker!) and the sender thought "hey this is a great idea, I claim massive credit for this!"
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Dave Pickering avatarDave Pickering30th November 1999
Subliminal, clever, classy, intelligent marketing, call it what you will. I know their name, I know the tune, and I know I will never use Go Compare... Too damned annoying, no matter what they save me, I'll never know as I'll never compare!
Steve Whiting avatarSteve Whiting11th June 2012
OH DEEP JOY! It's back, the *best* Go Compare ad on TV is back! The silent movie & subtitle combo is back on our screens. Proof that it really is the most intelligent approach that Go Compare have ever made? Hope so :-)
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