God's Easter Eggs

Steve Whiting has discovered that microwaving a tin of sardines at 800W for 1.5 mins teleports you into Songs Of Praise #godseastereggs

God's Easter Eggs

Please Don't Try This At Home!

Please don't try this at home, putting tins of cooked fish in brine, oil or tomato sauce into a microwave isn't a good idea at all - this is just a gag. More to the point, it's a campaign, an effort to reach out through social media and connect to people with a thought, a desire to see that thought spread virally, the kick-start of a hash tag on Twitter. This isn't the first hash tag I've tried to start and certainly won't be the last; there's something satisfying about coming up with a new concept and seeing other people getting on board - seeing an idea spread like wildfire. If this is beginning to sound doubleDutch then please allow me to explain:

Easter Eggs

In computer programming, an Easter Egg is the name given to an obscure feature (often silly or humourous (well, if you're a geek it might be funny)), a feature that you can only trigger with a certain sequence of key presses known only to those (geeks) in the know. I learned about a great Easter Egg in YouTube just the other day but more about that later.

Hash Tags

Prefixing a word or a keyword with a hash like this #keyword is known as a hash tag on Twitter and is recognised as a way of grouping or organising tweets. Hash tags will very often appear in the Trending subjects and are relied upon to virally spread a message or a concept.

So What's With The Sardines?

With a view to creating and then spreading a concept virally, I posted a tweet with a #godseastereggs hash tag; I really like the notion of there being pre-programmed into existence nice/funny/amazing things that happen when triggered by a certain sequence of events. If there were such things in existence what would they be?

Clearly the sequence of events that acted as the trigger couldn't be a simple, common sequence of events and, in the true spirit of Easter Eggs, the outcome couldn't really be useful. For instance: "Stand on one leg then say the world 'wibble' and you'll create world peace" isn't an Easter Egg, it's a miracle. No, an Easter Egg is something a bit pointless, something of no real use, something that stops programmers boring themselves to death. The Easter Egg triggers themselves have to be abstract, unlikely sequences of events - the funnier the better!

Thanks to @eliothill I learned that if you open a YouTube video and pause it at full screen at the very start (00:00) - by pressing the up and left arrows on your keyboard at the same time you'll get to play Snake. Pointless and cool!


Given that I felt the need to explain my little contribution to hash tag history I don't think it'll be widely adopted but it's quality I'm after and not quantity. So, if through total boredom, your creator had pre-programmed some funny, silly, bizarre or totally pointless feature into existence what would it be?

Tweet your thoughts with the #godseastereggs hash tag or post your concept here if 140 characters simply isn't enough!

Alison avatarAlison30th November 1999
Well, now I've heard everything. I love the Easter Egg concept and couldn't resist exploring further. Your link to Wikipedia threw up some great examples, the best one for me was directions on GoogleMap for certain points on the global compass. Japan to China apparently offers the option of travel via 'ketski' or 'swimming' according to Wikipedia, but I tried it and it didn't come up. HOWEVER, when I asked for directions for 'walking' it had a great cautionary note at the start: "Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths." As if that would be a problem for anyone adventurous enough to contemplate walking from Japan to China :)

I think I've gone off track on this comment....but Steve, you've opened my eyes to a whole new world of techy-ness.
The world's least techy person.
Kim Loveland avatarKim Loveland30th November 1999
I am gutted now i know what you mean by godseastereggs - first of all i thought you had turned to religion, then i just got excited as all I could think about was chocolate! - now I know the real answer - I now feel disappointed! - Is that maybe your aim?
Steve Whiting avatarSteve Whiting30th November 1999
I think my main aim was to share the YouTube easter egg with you and, at the same time, elicit a little surrealism from you all such as: "Applying zebra-print acrylics to your fingernails and scanning-in a VW 'no-worries' sign to the self-service checkout at Tescos will drop the price of petrol by 5p a litre." #godseastereggs
When I'm done you may view my sauce.http://www.whiteink.org
Dee-lightful1 avatarDee-lightful130th November 1999
Just to say that I have really enjoyed reading all the comments written (bit of deviation from work for a short time lol). Keep it up!
Andy avatarAndy30th November 1999
Wouldn't you just love it if Stonehenge was the original easter egg? Someone built it as a garden ornament but pre-programmed it with an easter egg that you only saw at the solstice.

Yes. Yes I would.

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdayshttp://www.andypyne.com
Paul Hayward avatarPaul Hayward1st March 2011
Perhaps the biggest easter egg is life itself. What could be funnier, sillier or more bizarre? Perhaps the mistake we all make repeatedly is to take life as seriously as we do. What rational entity plagues one side of Australia with floods while inflicting forest fires on the other side of Australia? Isn't that founded in a warped sense of humour? And who came up with the idea of paying bonuses to those who bankrupted a nation? I may not 'get' the joke, but somebody must be having a laugh! Now we are all in this easter egg soup together - where is the escape key back to somewhere a little more sane, a place where the self-service checkout is cheaper because we, the customers, are doing all the work ourselves?
Andy avatarAndy1st March 2011
There is a button on the dark side of the moon that when pressed reboots the universe.
It can be argued (successfully) that Easter Eggs aren't a new idea. The Beatles Albums are full of less technical Easter Eggs focussing around the "fact" that the original Paul McCartney died and was replaced.

Google 'Paul is dead conspiracy' for some interesting links.
For example, play 'I'm so Tired' backwards and you hear the eerie lyrics 'Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him'. Don't have a turntable that you can twist the belt to play records backwards? No fear, try turning up the volume at the end of Strawberry Fields (at the quiet bit) to hear John declare 'I buried Paul'.

Ever noticed the wreath on the Sgt Peppers Album Cover....and the original grey-suited Beatles looking towards it mournfully? Of how about the funeral procession that plays out on the Abbey Road cover .... where 'fake Paul' is smoking in his right hand, and not his left like 'dead/original Paul'.

If that doesn't convince you, nothing will. Would love to chat dear, but I have to adjust the tin-foil mesh on my colindar hat.........
This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdayshttp://www.andypyne.com
Steve Whiting avatarSteve Whiting1st March 2011
>>a place where the self-service checkout is cheaper because we, the customers, are doing all the work ourselves?

Paul - love it but be warned, clear thinking like that will get you wrapped-up in a nice little warm jacket - one with lots of buckles that lets you hug yourself.

Andy - loving the Beatles backwards track reference. An early easter egg indeed but was it the first? Wouldn't you just love it if Stonehenge was the original easter egg? Someone built it as a garden ornament but pre-programmed it with an easter egg that you only saw at the solstice.
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Steve Whiting avatarSteve Whiting3rd March 2011
>>Perhaps the biggest easter egg is life itself.

Been thinking about Paul's comment here. If life were indeed and easter egg then what would be the trigger or sequence of events to start it off? Exert from godBlog follows:

"Hey, check this out. I've just discovered that if you throw an asteroid that's impregnated with amino acids at a planet then you create carbon based lifeforms in your own image! How cool is that?!"
When I'm done you may view my sauce.http://www.whiteink.org
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