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Steve Whiting 🤓

Hello and Welcome to Whiteink

A general, personal, communications channel kept open by Steve Whiting that doubles as an occasional playground for work stuff.

Simply More Editable

These chunks of text inside the dotted line are written with the Web Diffusion microBlog. They appear on this page as a live working demo of how simple adding content to a website can be.

Demo Heading Test

This is a sample portion of text that you're probably going to want to change at some point in time.

The Building Blocks of the microBlog

A Web Diffusion microBlog is chunk of text that may be built-up from unlimited, multiple sets of 4 HTML page elements: a heading; a paragraph; an image and a hyperlink, which are then inserted into a web page.

The microBlog

The chunk of text that you see above is a live, working demonstration of a feature I have built into Web Diffusion - the website management system I developed for my web design business, Sub@omic Limited.

The microBlog allows our Customers an ability to edit discrete portions of pages of their own websites without need to figure-out a complex CMS.

They Call Me Mr Boombiscuit

Not so long ago in a galaxy never far away, I felt a real need for an alternative method of communicating with a bunch of people. Back then, it was a time when a number of people wanted to stay up-to-date with family developments via phone, text, email and dm.

Things began to move quickly and meaningful updates needed to happen more frequently. There came a point where I began to lose track of who I'd updated and I began to get a very real sense of a time, somewhere close to the near horizon, where time spent updating outweighed time spent caring.

Feed Me Biscuits 🍪

Want to stay touch with what I am thinking/making/doing? I've taken a step back from the social medias to concentrate upon the development of the production of small news items (henceforth, referred to as 'Biscuits') which, primarily, are made available as an RSS news feed and, secondarily, as an HTML index. Have a biscuit or two…

Shhhhhh! [Test in progress]