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Apple's Music app offers users the ability to rate and/or love individual tracks or entire albums. Over the years I've rated tracks as they've played. This rating and liking has been a wholly organic thing; as a piece of music settles-down it can have its star rating modified +/-.

This librarian-esque behaviour will never deliver immediate results. So, over a period of time[1], a clear picture of the music I truly rate has evolved. Arranging tracks by their star rating now delivers a very enjoyable 31.2 hours of 5 star music with a playlist composed of 435 individual tracks 🔥.

However. One album stands-out. It's the only album that not only has a 5 star rating for every track on the album but the only album that's also earned a love 😍 for each track.

[1] I added my first tune to the Apple Music app on 29 July 2004 - so far, this library's taken 19 years to create and refine 🤓 (The first tune added, BTW, was Afrika Shox by Leftfield.)

Listen to the title track of the Kraftwerk album: Computer World

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