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In 20 years time, I swear that the user interfaces of all our kitchen appliances are going to be just like:

- Microwave: "Hey! Are you enjoying our Porridge Sensor Autocook feature? Why not leave us a Google Review whilst we're preparing your meal?"

- Me: *Presses Decline Button*

[3 minutes later]

- Microwave: "Your porridge is cooked! Mmmmmm, it looks so yummy! Want me to take a photo and upload it to Instagram?"

- Me: *Presses Decline Button*

[1 week later]

- Me: *Blearily walks into the kitchen*

- Microwave: "Hey, Steve! I hope I find you well this morning? I wanted to reach-out to you to ask you how your porridge was last week and whether you'd like to offer Panasonic some feedback…?

- Kettle: "Hey, Steve! … "

- Toasted Sandwich Maker: "Hey, Steve! … "

- Fridge: "Hey, Steve! … "

- Coffee Grinder: "Hey, Steve! … "

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