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Fancy Dress

[12th Apr 2024 10:00] - • He: "I once went to a fancy dress party in Baku."
• She: "Azerbaijan?"
• He: "No, as a firefighter."

Divorce Court - Cooper vs Cooper 📖

[4th Apr 2024 04:23] - Judge: "Mr Cooper, I understand you're seeking a divorce upon the grounds of adultery?"
Tommy Cooper: "Aha. Yes, that's right, m'lud."
Judge: "Mrs Cooper, do you acknowledge the grounds?"
Brenda Cooper: "Yo … Read more

Mobil Garage Rolleiflex 🖼

[1st Apr 2024 23:40] - Since Dad passed away over 8 years ago, I've been desperate to find either a copy neg or a tranny of this photo he shot whilst working for Mobil. Today, I found one and I couldn't be any more excited!

Hip Hop Spelling Bee

[30th Mar 2024 10:22] - Wu Tang KillerSpelling Bees: C.R.E.A.M.

Trapped In the 80s 📖

[29th Mar 2024 10:09] - Q. Did anybody ever tell Living In A Box whether they were, in fact, living in a box? I do worry about them. Because, if they never got a proper answer to their persistent questioning, then they may have become stuck in the '80s - which possibly expla … Read more

Judean Comedy Club Compere

[29th Mar 2024 08:38] - "C'mon now, give it up for lent ladies and gentlemen, wasn't it great?"

Startup 🔗 🖼

[18th Mar 2024 21:31] - 55 years ago today the generosity of family helped this loon startup in business. David Whiting Photography is 55 years young.

Loved This Pun Of Andy's So Much I Just Had To Share It 🔗

[7th Mar 2024 13:17] - Scientist: Excuse me, is this Cern, the home of the large Hadron?

Passerby: Sorry mate, this is Cerne Abbas the home of the large Hardon.

I Have A Question, Please.

[6th Mar 2024 17:51] - Isn't it about time we all began pronouncing the word daughter the way we all pronounce the word laughter?

The Old Gags Are The Best Gags 🖼

[4th Mar 2024 14:19] - - Me: "Excuse me, do you have Chicken Snackers?"
- Aldi Store Assistant: "No sir, I always walk like this."

Motor Show

[26th Feb 2024 19:34] - Idea: A VW concept car for drivers highly susceptible to road rage. The Volkswagen V-Cross.

Rebournbury Mill 🖼

[29th Jan 2024 08:30]

Rude Boys

[28th Jan 2024 22:58] - - Them: "Steve, man. How is it you are like so stupid."
- Me: "How is this true? I have a Batchelor's degree, isn't it."
- Them: " … "
- Me: [under my breath] "Chicken and Mushroom."

Before The Hearing Aids

[27th Jan 2024 11:34] - - Steve: *brings-in her balti*
- Sharon: "WTF?! You absolute Muppet! Herbal tea, Steven. I said herbal tea."

Hospital Radio DJ

[21st Jan 2024 13:29] - "The Spice Girls there, with Spice Up Your Life; that one going to everyone in ICU, hold tight."

Overcome By A Two-For-One

[18th Jan 2024 06:42] - I made a new year's resolution to read more and committed to go to Waterstones once a month to buy a book. Yesterday I discovered that they have fantastic deals on books about romantic poetry. Byron get one free.

Six Million Dollars

[16th Jan 2024 08:30] - - Conductor: "OK! Now we're going to be playing a brand new arrangement of the theme tune for The Six Million Dollar Man."
- Lead Violinist: "Which key will we be playing it in?"
- Conductor: "Lee Major."

Streetsounds Radio 🔗 🖼

[12th Jan 2024 12:58] - Funk for people of a certain age.

Christmas Present

[10th Jan 2024 10:01] - - He: "I got this wicked Marvel Comics cooking set for Christmas!"
- She: "X-Men sieve?"
- He: "I reckon so but, like I say, it was a present so I have no idea what it retails for."

Dear Gillette

[4th Jan 2024 09:35] - I bought a pack of your Blue 2 razors, none of which pair with my iPhone. How do I set about getting a refund?

Dear Tesco

[19th Dec 2023 12:00] - Please correct the grammar of your self-service checkouts. A barcode on an item I just bought wouldn't initially scan and I was informed that "Assist Ants is on its way." It's Assist Ants are on their way. 🐜

The Allotment Murder 📖

[17th Dec 2023 20:35] - - Pathologist: "Ah Jack, this your case is it? Well I'll give it to you straight-up. This one's the weirdest I've ever seen - a keen vegan horticulturalist - core temperature suggests time of death to be around 1am."
- Detective Ins … Read more

DPD - The 'Delivery Experts' 📖 🖼

[11th Dec 2023 11:19] - This may, at first glance look like a rant about DPD but it's not. It's an attempt at sharing some advice about how to speak to a person at DPD when your delivery's gone wrong. If you've stumbled-across this web page I hope it helps to sav … Read more

Today, I Am That Person. 🔗 🖼

[8th Dec 2023 08:36] - I have been sooo inspired by the motivational mantras and affirmations on Instagram that, this morning, I was moved to create one of my own. #foldTheROLL

Meat Packing Factory 📖

[6th Dec 2023 08:31] - - Worker: "So what made you take the job?"
- Intern: "My love of the music business, really."
- Worker: "Seriously? What makes you think packing burgers has anything to do with making or selling records?"
- Intern: "Th … Read more