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One For The Typographers

[26th May 2024 18:14] - So this Courier walks into a bar, bold as you like, and the barman says: "Hey! We don't serve your type in here."

Time On Your Side 📖 🖼

[10th May 2024 09:10] - Time passes. Most of the time we're not truly aware of the passage of time. Human events do, however, seem to help us realise that time is passing and that time is all we have. Watching the growth and the achievements of a child and the joyful disbeli … Read more

At Home With The Whitings

[4th May 2024 16:49] - [Scene One - 'Steve' is cooking a curry]
• Sharon: "is that chicken defrosted?"
• Steve: "I don't know what her name was."

Cider Drinking Update

[28th Apr 2024 08:19] - Millennial Wurzel: "QR QR A, QR QR A."

Last Resort 📖

[27th Apr 2024 11:07] - All I wanted to do was to play some golf in the sunshine in Spain but, when I got here, I was completely surrounded by irate baby sheep. I asked the travel rep where the spa and sports resort was - only to be told that: "Señor, you find no sports in  … Read more

Connected To Earth 🖼

[26th Apr 2024 09:27] - How things might have looked, if Jesus had chosen a trade other than carpentry.

Career Update

[26th Apr 2024 07:31] - Writing Nolan am biography Christopher I the.

Leighton Buzzard

[24th Apr 2024 13:01] - Are you paying too much for your googoo? Well, come to Leighton Buzzard! A market town in the UK where youcan always cadge a googoo. #tooShySHY


[24th Apr 2024 07:32] - My fantasy is to create, fall in love with and then run away with a cyborg that is engineered to laugh at my jokes. I shall call her Punelope.

Fancy Dress

[12th Apr 2024 10:00] - • He: "I once went to a fancy dress party in Baku."
• She: "Azerbaijan?"
• He: "No, as a firefighter."

Divorce Court - Cooper vs Cooper 📖

[4th Apr 2024 04:23] - Judge: "Mr Cooper, I understand you're seeking a divorce upon the grounds of adultery?"
Tommy Cooper: "Aha. Yes, that's right, m'lud."
Judge: "Mrs Cooper, do you acknowledge the grounds?"
Brenda Cooper: "Yo … Read more

Mobil Garage Rolleiflex 🖼

[1st Apr 2024 23:40] - Since Dad passed away over 8 years ago, I've been desperate to find either a copy neg or a tranny of this photo he shot whilst working for Mobil. Today, I found one and I couldn't be any more excited!

Hip Hop Spelling Bee

[30th Mar 2024 10:22] - Wu Tang KillerSpelling Bees: C.R.E.A.M.

Trapped In the 80s 📖

[29th Mar 2024 10:09] - Q. Did anybody ever tell Living In A Box whether they were, in fact, living in a box? I do worry about them. Because, if they never got a proper answer to their persistent questioning, then they may have become stuck in the '80s - which possibly expla … Read more

Judean Comedy Club Compere

[29th Mar 2024 08:38] - "C'mon now, give it up for lent ladies and gentlemen, wasn't it great?"

Startup 🔗 🖼

[18th Mar 2024 21:31] - 55 years ago today the generosity of family helped this loon startup in business. David Whiting Photography is 55 years young.

Loved This Pun Of Andy's So Much I Just Had To Share It 🔗

[7th Mar 2024 13:17] - Scientist: Excuse me, is this Cern, the home of the large Hadron?

Passerby: Sorry mate, this is Cerne Abbas the home of the large Hardon.

I Have A Question, Please.

[6th Mar 2024 17:51] - Isn't it about time we all began pronouncing the word daughter the way we all pronounce the word laughter?

The Old Gags Are The Best Gags 🖼

[4th Mar 2024 14:19] - - Me: "Excuse me, do you have Chicken Snackers?"
- Aldi Store Assistant: "No sir, I always walk like this."

Motor Show

[26th Feb 2024 19:34] - Idea: A VW concept car for drivers highly susceptible to road rage. The Volkswagen V-Cross.

Rebournbury Mill 🖼

[29th Jan 2024 08:30]

Rude Boys

[28th Jan 2024 22:58] - - Them: "Steve, man. How is it you are like so stupid."
- Me: "How is this true? I have a Batchelor's degree, isn't it."
- Them: " … "
- Me: [under my breath] "Chicken and Mushroom."

Before The Hearing Aids

[27th Jan 2024 11:34] - - Steve: *brings-in her balti*
- Sharon: "WTF?! You absolute Muppet! Herbal tea, Steven. I said herbal tea."

Hospital Radio DJ

[21st Jan 2024 13:29] - "The Spice Girls there, with Spice Up Your Life; that one going to everyone in ICU, hold tight."

Overcome By A Two-For-One

[18th Jan 2024 06:42] - I made a new year's resolution to read more and committed to go to Waterstones once a month to buy a book. Yesterday I discovered that they have fantastic deals on books about romantic poetry. Byron get one free.